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Biostimulant products

Biostimulant products are part of the “Fertilising material and crop supports”. Currently no European regulation is in force regarding the launching on the market for this type of product.

However, it exists various known approaches allowing to launch on the market a biostimulant product. One of the approach consists to submit a file that will be evaluated by the competent authority. This file must contain data proven the final product efficacy and also its safety and its physical-chemical properties.

RRS offers assistance in efficacy trials, safety test and physical-chemicals properties determination of your biostimulant products.

Indoor Plots

RRS offers to carry out efficacy trials in real exposure conditions

  • Temperature 18 – 22 °C
  • Hygrometry
  • Lighting
  • Various replicates with a surface area of 1m2 and a depth till 1m.


Thanks to its last generation equipment, RRS offers to adapt the lighting on your trials. Light spectrum is thus optimise to match with a desired geographical area.

Surface available

With a surface area of 250m2 RRS can implement a large number of plot with a surface area of 1m2 each. We can thus test different modalities with a defined number of replicates in the same conditions..

In order to simulate real exposition conditions, RRS dispose of a spraying chamber.

Stability - Storage

Do you need stability/storage study? RRS offers assistance in analytical method development and analysis of your product – accelerated and long term studies.

Custormer Service