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Biocontrol products

Biocontrol products are divided into four categories: macro-organisms, micro-organisms, natural chemical substances (pheromone) and natural substances mineral, vegetal or animal.

Biocontrol products are mainly use to limit the action from disease or pest through natural means.

RRS offers to test the efficacy of your product.

RRS facilities allow to recreate specific environmental conditions aquatic or terrestrial. Moreover, we have the possibility to work with organisms in biosafety level 2 conditions it means invasive or pest.

Our equipment, experimental hall, spaying chamber, various devices (plot of 1m2), adjustable lighting and temperature allowing to simulate indoor field studies.

Analytical chemistry is a real support to monitor your substance in environmental matrices.

RRS offers assistance in protocol writing in order to obtain the requested endpoints.



Stability - Storage

Do you need stability/storage study? RRS offers assistance in analytical method development and analysis of your product – accelerated and long term studies.

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